Compare Term Paper Service with Other Writing Services

Compare Term Paper Service with Other Writing ServicesBefore you choose another online writing service, use the following comparison chart to decide which is best in quality, efficiency, and price.

Features Term Paper Service Other Writing
Original and Custom Written Term papers When we say that we provide original and one-of-a-kind papers to students, we mean it. All the term papers at Term Papers  are written from scratch by our expert and skilled professionals. Provide recycled and plagiarized papers written by novice or foreign writers whose first language is not English.
Completely Non-Plagiarized Work We guarantee to provide completely non-plagiarized work. All the Term papers at Term Papers are passed through our Plagiarism Check team. This ensures that all our work is free from plagiarism. Provide plagiarized work. The work they provide is never passed through a plagiarism detection engine.
Skilled and Experienced Team Term Papers takes pride in having a team of skilled and professional writers, researchers and quality assurance people. When you order a term paper it is written from scratch by our writers and researchers and then is checked by our quality assurance team for errors. Even after that, the paper is passed through our Plagiarism Check team. Does not have a team of writers. They hire freelance writers who are mostly from foreign countries.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee In the unlikely event that you don’t like the term papers we provide to you, you can ask us, and we will provide free unlimited revisions and rewrites. We are this much sure of the quality of our work that we provide you 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Offer. Does not guarantee customer satisfaction. Provide low quality, recycled papers and obviously for that crap they cannot provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
Guarantee to Meet Deadlines At Term Papers we guarantee to deliver your paper before your specified deadline. We back our claim to be ‘on time’ by 100% money back guarantee. If you don’t get the paper on time, you do not have to pay for it. Do not guarantee to be on time and that is why they are never on time. Don’t get fooled by these websites, since it is possible that they will never deliver your paper and even if they do, it will never be on time.
Available 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week and 365 Days a Year We offer round the clock responsive customer support service via toll free number, live chat, email and fax. Our toll free phone facility is always available and you can talk to expert professionals anytime. Do not provide the toll free phone support in normal hours, let alone 24 hours. Even if they provide toll free number on their websites for sales purposes, all you will hear is recording instead of a real person.
Payment Method Flexibility to pay securely through credit card (Visa, Master, Discover, Diner, Amex) Pay Pal and e-check. Do not offer so many payment options.
Most Reasonable Prices Online Term Papers prides itself in maintaining the best balance between quality and price. We offer the most reasonable price plans that vary as per the urgency of order. Fool customers by charging them high prices plus extra charges for bibliography and sources.
Shipping Method. When you order a term paper from our website, it is not only emailed to you, but you can also download it from personal Account Area provided on our website. In addition, you can also get a CD containing your term paper by paying additional $30. In the unlikely event that they provide your paper, they will only email it to you.
Safe Shopping Guarantee When you place an order at Term Papers, do so with confidence. Your credit card information will not be recorded anywhere and we won’t have access to it. It is transmitted for verification directly to your bank via secure SSL encrypted channels. Additionally, our website is 100% safe from hackers. Do provide these types of guarantees. Rest assured, shopping with them can be unsafe.